A Knock At Midnight

400 W. 76th St, STE. 206 Chicago, IL 60620
P: 773.488.2960
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Executive Director

Minister Johnny Banks akambanks@msn.com


Ida. M. Brown   akamforbrown@me.com

Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

AKAM partners with CPS as an approved service provider. We provide Prevention Education program services to 15-20 schools per year. Although our primary target areas are Englewood and Auburn Gresham, because of program effectiveness our services are provided throughout the City of Chicago. The program is designed to create positive character development and enhance the life skills of all participants through seminars, workshops and educational trainings. We have serviced over two thousand (2000) participants. All students and teachers participate in trainings including but not limited to: Violence Prevention Gang Prevention Substance Abuse Prevention Character Development Conflict Resolution Male/Female Responsibility Relationships Professional Development (Teachers-In-service)